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Welcome to Dream India Group

DARE TO DREAM. This is often the first phase the successful entrepreneurial dreamer goes through. It is the realization that they have the ability to dream. But, only successful entrepreneurs keep dreaming even when everyone and everything goes against their plans. He is not a "NORMAL DREAMER." The normal person easily gives up his dream and follows the crowd; the successful entrepreneurial dream keeps going and sets unique trends on their way to a successful life.

Dream India Group is managed by professionals who have the ability to dream and make things happen. The Core team comprise of talented and experienced professionals with broad sphere of influence, knowledge which most importantly earned our customer's faith and trust, which is the bottom-line of our success. Innovative thinking, immaculate execution, timely delivery, scintillating designs, flawless structural plans, understanding consumer needs, all form part of a very big dream of the management team to provide quality and affordable housing to people from diverse segments.

Dream India Group is a full service property development and management entity with complete in-house infrastructure and professionals including architects, project managers, engineers and other experts and is now recognised as one of the fastest growing and emerging real estate corporate in Hyderabad and in no time has established itself as a leading player in its class with ever expanding business portfolio.


  • I am eager to take possession of my house in sunshine valley. - B Hemanth kumar
  • The quality of construction makes me feel satisfied. - Syed Ayaan
  • They delivered just as they promised. - Hameed Ansari
  • Dream india provides really affordable homes. - Mr Paresh Shah
  • My husband and I would like to say we were pleased with our dealing with your company regarding our house. - Sabiha fatima
  • I just wish to thank you for my villa, not only I am pleased with the building but more so with genuine business ethics. - Vasey hussain
  • Thanks for the excellent prices and service. - B swetha
  • I am happy I bought a right property.- Syed afsar
  • Thanks for your patience and professionalism overall.- Purshotam Singh
  • The whole project ran according to schedule and witout a glitch. Excellent work. - Preeti Agarwaal
  • My investments in dream india have always given good return.- Mr Wali
  • Abdul Razzak is well conversant in legal aspets regarding land. House possession is given as per agreement.- N G Narsimlu
  • Dream India is a transparent company and also transparent in communication.- Mr Areeb
  • Dream India has a good understanding of real estate development. It has a distinct ideology for any work/project.- Abdul Jabbar